Owner changes

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Hello my sweetrolls

   As those who are active player have noticed, we had some changes lately. As of 21 aug 2014 the server changed location from vancover canada to paris france.

This alone will make it better for european players and worse for americans network latency vice.


  The reason for this change is that servers ownership has changed from Sugam to me Amikaze. As of now sugam cannot carry us anymore for personal reasons. I cannot afford a server as flashy as Sugam so we had to cut down half of what we had. That means i will be trying to optimise this big system we have build to something that the new server can handle. First thing i will drop is FTB monster after finding out the new server cannot run it anyways because of compatibility problems.


   I would like to thank Sugam for providing the top notch server for us for the past 2.5 years and letting me to work on it and create our dream server, that has grown up to be one awesome community. Its like our own family with brother, sisters and babys, lots of babys.I hope you will continue working as co-founder, and the rest of you i hope you can stand for the shortcomings of the server, this is what i can afford to.


ps. Our policy on donations still stand, we wont accept them.

pss. If you want the monsterpack world get it here: http://obsessioncraft.net/public/obsftbworld.zip

psss. I hope you tell sugam how you feel about him. He has made you feel good for years and hasnt asked anything in return.