Obsessioncraft closing down Sep 13 2015

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Hello peeps one more time.

It is my sad duty to inform you that we will be closing down our minecraft server in 13 of september.
We have been running for about 3 and half years, what started from extreme passion towards this game.

Here comes little history how obsessioncraft came to be.
First how i met your mot..i mean Sugam. We both were playing on this server ran by godslam from his home, i dont exacly remember how i first came to talk to sugam, but you know in minecraft you chat a bit and you make friends a lot. We played much and got up in ranks, that were paid in donations in that server, and sugam with big hearth and wallet since he was ranking up good guys, and me in the process.

After few months that server went belly up, and one of the young admins of that time took over the server by the name of kevincroissant and later up teamed up with guy called cybiko123 who started hosting kevins server. That server lasted quite long, until the guys got burned out and left the server kinda hanging there, which kinda got me mad.

So for Obsessioncraft everything started from a fight where our old minecraft host wasnt doing good enough job on keeping the server running so we tought that we could do it much better. I might be bit ashamed that i havent taked to thease guys since for being angry at them, but never the less without this we wouldnt probably never had started obsessioncraft.

For finances we agreed to try our best to avoid taking donations, for we saw in the previous servers how kids with no sence of moral got to be admins and moderate other people and for it could had ruined our vision for best server, thinking that since thease guys are paying us, we need to make things for them, and im kinda glad that sugam agreed to this, eaven when he was paying the bills for the server, that werent small bills in the begining, since we didnt know any good and cheap server to rent.

Building up the server i was in great position being a uni student and having lots of time in my hands. I remember waking up early in the mornings, seting everything up for atleast 16 hours a day and sleeping for 6 hours, and this went on for months banking up thousands of hours in the first year, this included stuff like testing plugins and desiding if we could use them or not and making sure if they affected servers performance too much, playing the game and figuring things that we needed and getting more plugins to make the experience better, testing the lag and lots of finetuning to make everything work the best way for the server. in other words, making the best server we wanted to play our selves in.
The stability of our server was always high priority and to this day we have quite insanely high uptime and our maintainces were very fast. Since we started the server 3,5 years ago, i have signed up to the server console every single day and been watching the servers status, eaven after i stopped playing i have kept doing this up to this day, which means i always kept the server up when i was around, and eaven when i was away, i tried to check the status atleast once a day via some mobile way.

We didnt realy plan this, but we turned out to be kinda like peoples second home, where they came to unwind and share their not so good life situation. We didnt only kickban griefers, but we often helped them and they turned out to be just people with bad feelings going raging over servers. We also provided good place for unemployed people who didnt have much money on them, and werent feeling good about their life situation, hopefully we made those people feel better atleast for daily basis. And we also were good place to go relax after long day at work. I am quite happy how our community turned out, and it was made all by you guys.

And now we have arrived to the end of obsessioncraft minecraft server. What will happend now? its unsure, but i kinda got hooked into the hosting of games and will be doing some other games, that i like to play, but there will never be another game like minecraft. As you probably know, minecraft was a passion project for us and we loved it like our own kid and i will reminicense those times with much love in my grandpa days.

All i can say is, it has been a honor to play with all and each one of you and i hubly thank you all for choosing our server to play minecraft on. We had a blast and we made lots of friends, i hope you made some life lasting friends.

Here is little reminicense video i made up memorizing how we came to be, showing some of our players and their creations for the server, screenshots and thanking all of you.

Thank you all and thank you Sugam, without you this wouldnt had been possible.


- Amikaze

ps. Sep 13 is next sunday, i will be playing the last weekend for the last time
pss. map files will be available later date
psss. closing time is: uk 2000 finland 2200 chicago 1400 sydney 0500 seatle 1200