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A GREAT MAN once said …
”If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”
And it did not disappoint.

With that said… What’s wrong with you people!? Amikaze was RIGHT there the WHOLE time.
And do you even know what co-founder means? It means he helped start ObsessionCraft alongside me day zero. It’s not even a rank!
With that said Amikaze is not actually banned but was unknowingly helping me play a REVERSE prank! That’s right! The jokes on you guys who didn’t take the application seriously or those who didn’t sign up at all. In fact he didn't even know what I was going to do.
The contest was real but I never said what the prize was or what the rules were.

There are multiple winners in different categories depending if they answered a question using a certain response as well as an overall winner and an overall loser.
If you win contact me with steam details


Contest rules

To submit the most sincere application as possible. In the event of multiple good entries I would then choose based on quality of content.

I wasn’t expecting such an over qualified entry like Knaxta’s or such a sincere YouTube video response from Mikie.

It takes a brave person to post a video with their face answering these questions specially for a younger one. I consider this to be going above and beyond the call. It shows he has ambition to do something no one else dared and is willing to take risk.

Knaxta's post is also incredible, the only person that posted such high qualifications for operating a server as well as the best overall feedback.

I honestly cannot make a decision between the two because it's not necessarily comparing apples. Because the co-founder rank is not actually an achievable rank I wanted this prize to include something that involves "foundation building".

You both win a free copy of a game of your choice on steam (or another game if I can gift it Nothing rated M for Mikie due age restraints)

Knaxta - Because you are already an admin me and Amikaze discussed that we would offer you the chance to become director of a server for a game you like to play. We can discuss it whenever.

Mikie - You get upgraded to hero rank as well as admin rank on the next server (we were planning on something PvP related) so that you can assist us in building a foundation for people to play on.

This will take a while as we are working on expansions throughout our community. As you can see Amikaze is working hard on the website to upgrade it. So when I decide to let him have a break I hope everyone can show him their appreciation.


Last place Anti-Winner : Free copy of Bad Rats on steam

To fill out an application so poorly this person wins a game that equals their own efforts.
He couldn’t even be arsed to fill out his name. Honestly I wouldn't blame him if he declined :P

Anti-Winner= The_Zohan27 Honorable Mention= Xial


Greediest person: Humble Bundle (they got android things up now you can wait if you want)

The person that asked for the most pay. What do you think this place is? A charity?

Greediest person = Nicokacola Honorable Mention= DylanX556


What do you like the most/least about Sugam …. On a plate: Free copy of Don’t Starve

I was worried no one was going to make a fish eating joke when I opened the opportunity.
Almost had to resort to something food related with Sugam mentioned

Eats fish= mitchstar0 Honorable mention= iAMSweetz


Most ambitious future Job : Free copy of Papers, Please.

Because when you want to be a dolphin trainer… and things just didn’t go as expected.
Here’s to crushing your dreams.

Jobless: TheMinetaur Honorable mention= DylanX556


Cryptic Serial Number: free copy of La Mulana

The person with the most BS cryptic serial number gets a free copy of a cryptic BS game.

Cryptic serial: CarbonHD Honorable mentions= Tamen, bas, nico, iAMsweetz


Lowest rank member for the longest time: A promotion

Explorer no more: thejordster


I feel bad that taymurr did not apply because he inspired me to start a real give away contest for the server. Sometimes my pranks are taken a little too seriously and I feel I went overboard with him a little. It wouldn’t feel right to leave my buddy out so he also can pick out a game of his choice on steam.

Inspiration of the Contest: Taymurr
Free steam game of choice appropriate for his age (or another game if I can gift it, no rated M stuff)

Thanks and hope we can do it again soon.