Like the server? 30 SOJ for voting us. 30 SOJ for voting us. 30 SOJ for voting us. 30 SOJ for voting us.

Launch! We Have Lift Off!

We decided to launch today.
We have a topic on the MineCraft Forum

If you enjoy the server I encourage you to make a post reply there and let others know so we get more exposure.
Also feel free to add any helpful comments and hints there to give new players a better start.
We recognize the efforts of helpful people.


Mission Statement

*Incoming Message From The Big Giant Fish!*
( Complete topic at )
Hello everyone!
It’s about time that I have spoken up and made some content.

I first wanted to thank Amikaze for all his support with setting up the server. This was a lot more involved then originally thought. This would NOT have been successful without his dedication and knowledge so if you see him around give him his due thanks!

Almost done.

We are almost ready to go public. Just some bugs to short in multiverse and permissions and we should be ready.


Now we have multiple domains.


New logo

First post and just made that silly fishhead logo



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