We are now in 1.4.4 so go ahead and update your clients.

Update 1.4.2

We are now 1.4.2 I would also like to update all of you on what has been happening lately. Basicly me and sugam have got bored with minecraft and thus we havent got around with the update. also we have been thinking to pring the server down as theres no point running 200$ server for mikie randomly running around it alone.

Tekkit server open

We are proud to present you our Tekkit server!

To get tekkit you just need to download the tekkit launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/

When you start the tekkit launcher just choose the tekkit from top left corner and log in with your minecraft account.

Our server information is:

Do you want us to have Tekkit minecraft server too?

86% (18 votes)
Im not interested.
14% (3 votes)
Total votes: 21

Badlands Mob Difficulty

Hey everybody
The mobs in the badlands currently have the following stats.  They were adjusted someday lastweek

  • Fire their arrows at a rate of 1.65x their normal speed
  • Double health
  • Can see you from 2x their normal distance


  • Increased movement speed of 1.35x normal
  • Double health
  • Can see you from 2x distance


  • Slightly Increased blast radius
  • Double health


Mine4Dead event!

You and the other survivors just crash landed. The city is swarming with infected. Can you make it to the rescue boat? Or will you die trying?


Your goal is to find the next safehouse marked with the building picture on some walls, they indicate where you will find it, There are multiple safehouses before you get to the end boat. Grap a friend or two and go have fun adventure!

Lag Attention & Incident Documentation (Get L.A.I.D.)

Since I strive to keep the server lag free I wanted to make an article on how and where to report lag issues.
Minecraft is a complex game to host with its many kinds of blocks physics, chunk loading, world rendering and so on.  I need proper feedback to diagnose and correct any issues you may be having.  If problems are not brought to my attention then I cannot fix them. Shouting LAG in the chat doesn’t help me correct it.
If you notice server lag please complete the following form so that I can figure it out
Get L.A.I.D. in 6 steps.

Dynmap chat

Dynmap chat is temporaly disabled untill we get another fresh copy out of the plugin factory. Edit: Now we finaly got new version and its enabled.

Updating to 1.3.1

EDIT: And we are back. Also warps are gone now.

We are going to start the updating prosess soon. So if you cannot connect to the server, its because we are updating.

Meanwhile i recomend watching this video. we will be finnished by the time the video ends.


How To Downgrade MineCraft.


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