1.5 do i need to say anything more?

New server is open

New server is here. Just connect the same old ip and youll have blast.

Start over with a new map? Fate of the map is in your hands. READ THE COMMENTS TO KNOW WHAT THE OPTIONS ARE.

64% (23 votes)
11% (4 votes)
Yes but only if its a custom map otherwise no.
25% (9 votes)
Total votes: 36

Obsessioncraft Terraria server

Im proud to present our terraria server!
Terraria is very similar to minecraft, but its 2d and its bit more adventure and mob slaying.
To play Terraria you need to have Steam and you can buy it from http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/
Note: This game goes to sale quite often, so you might want to wait if you don't already own this game.
To join our server you just simply join obsessioncraft.net and port is 7777

Question for the group

If ObsessionCraft broadened its game base outside of Minecraft, What other games would you like to see the group play together?   Anything from other games to host to perhaps even MMORPGs (IE WoW, Planetside, etc)

Updates & New Badlands Mobs

Updated main server to 1.4.6    Let me know if something is broke.
*New features*

I'm stripping your rank. Do I got your attention now? Good. Read the entire post.

Hello Everybody
Here is a topic I should never have to bring up however every day I am seeing more and more cases of people acting immature on the server.  This is starting to hit a nerve with a lot of the older folk and admins.  This needs to be discontinued immediately.  Me, Amikaze and other admins don't spend hours and hours working on the server to make it a pleasant place to play on just for an immature person to tarnish it and drive new people away (and some people have left because of it).  Perhaps you don't quite understand what constitutes of immature behavior

Tekkit server open... Again!

We are proud to present you our Tekkit server... Again!
This will be mostly just repost from our first opening.
To get tekkit you just need to download the tekkit launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/
When you start the tekkit launcher just choose the tekkit from top left corner and log in with your minecraft account.
Our server information is:

Short update

1) Limited creative is working again.
2) /gm command is working again for admins.
3) Flat map is working again.

Should We Install The McMMO Plugin On The Normal Server?

Yes! Before me all are as leaves cast to the bitter winds that howl about Death's black wings.
70% (19 votes)
No.... But Thou Mustn't
30% (8 votes)
Total votes: 27


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