1.6.2 updated go get your horses!

1.6.2  Server Update. Go get your horses

How to downgrade with the 1.6 launcher

I heard some people are having trouble downgrading to Minecraft 1.5 with the new launcher. Here is a simple guide with images to help you with that. This guide should work with future versions as well, as long as Mojang doesn't make a new launcher at least.


Click Read more to read how to downgrade

Server is not horse-compatible yet

The server is not yet updated to 1.6 and it will take 2-3 weeks like every update does. So heres little reminder how you can downgrade

Super Mega Minigame Land!

There is a new addition to the warpzone: Super Mega Hyper Kittens Funtastical Land! (Working Title)
Click on 'Read More' to see what kind of awesome is waiting for you there!

EVENT: Buildception!

Starting today and running until 14 people have played: Buildception! It's an event where people take turns playing and there's much laughs to be had. I hope.
The event is now OVER! Lots of thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the Buildception warp in the warpzone to see the results. If you dare.
Click on 'Read more' to read how to join and play!

EVENT: The Forbidden Temple

The event is finished! Expeditions will start when people begin logging on. [That's if I'm online!]


Unforseen EVENT Delay

Sorry for this but the event will have to be postponed for a few days. I have IRL stuff going on and the construction is going slower than planned. I will post again when the event is complete, but for now please enjoy this video:

Get Equipped With 1.5.2

Updated server for 1.5.2  Go update!   Let me know if any problems come up.
Also check the website more often.  Admins can now post updates and events right to the front page!

EVENT: The Forbidden Temple

"Deep in the southern jungles of Sugamria a mysterious temple has been discovered by an enterprizing adventurer. He will need help in exploring this most interesting of places! Many treasures await, as do the dangers that guard them."

The first expedition will take place on the 11-12th depending on where in the world you are!

How can i boost my ObsessionCraft Profile and help the server.

I will collect here some things you can help with the server no mather what rank you are on. Thease will boost your profile on the server and in some cases might help you get higher rank.


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