FTB Monster server Open NOW!

Hello my sweetrolls.

Your lack of new stuff hasnt been unnoticed. I have made something new you can play on and it is monster modpack on ftb launcher.

You will need to be on our main server atleast 2 hours before we can allow you to start building on the ftb server. (similar to our old ftb system).

You can check the inquisitor on this website to check how long you have been on it.



Fair warning, it is one of the biggest modpacks and will take a while to load up. so be patient

Minium system requirements:

64-bit system

Need Donations For Icecream

Listen i really need some icecream. Something awful has happened... I went to the freezer and im out. So im really counting on some really tasty flavors. I'm talking ben and jerries folks http://www.benjerry.com/ Kthxbai


A GREAT MAN once said …
”If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”
And it did not disappoint.

Deadline for Applications is (EST) Midnight, Tuesday - OCT 1st

EXTENDED TILL MIDNIGHT of TUESDAY you got like 4 1/2 hours remaining from the time of post

If you did not apply you still have a chance.  I do not want to hear any crying after the winner is anounced.  Infact I just banned crying.
You got to be in it to win it. ONE application per person, Additional applications are invalid. Anyone can participate.
General contest rules apply,  see server for details.

Conductive Pipes: The Return.

Conductive Pipes on GregTech machinery.

Hello my sweetrolls...

No, it's creepy when I do that. I'll let ami keep that expression.

For those of you who play Feed The Sugam, I have a tasty, tasty announcement for you.
Look to the picture, if you will. Why yes, those are conductive pipes that you see on a GregTech machine.
It's a real screenshot that I just took a handful of minutes ago.
I finally had an opportunity to halt the server and deploy the fixed file.
Details after the break.

Attention Admins. Griefer Alert and protocol change.

Griefer wannabe

Due to exploits in bukkit that are appearing a few times a year  we are now changing protocol for ADMIN ACCOUNTS and adding an additional layer of security.
ADMINS ONLY will now be forced to login with an extra password with the /login command.
Password will be found in the ADMIN FORUM or ask another admin.

Old maps as promised, (but bit late)

Public Service Announcement!


Now here comes the Flat Creative world link for our old map.


And here comes the normal survival map most of you should know.


Remember that FTB server? Good times...

I accidently overwrote the world folder with the world of the vanilla/bukkit world.
Good News
Luckily Araiya had a copy of the map that was pretty recient so we did not lose the server!
Backups now work for the server.  We will not lose the map again.
Bad News
We do not have a copy of the players folder.  Your inventories are lost.

Feed the Sugam Open


Here comes our newest addition Feed The Beast.

This will be more for our old players adventurers+ and Explorers who have played on our server atleast 10 hours.

The server has lots of stuff blocked to prevent griefing and cheating, but if you still manage to grief, you will get bans on ALL OF OUR SERVERS!!! and it will be 0 tolerance, so dont eaven joke with it.

Non minecraft related

Hello boys and girls. You all know that i have been more off for the past 3 months. Most of you havent been around over year to know what i do every year as a hobby. Every year at august there is this big demo/lan party in finland that has about 3000 people with their home pcs playing games in a big arena together or alone. This event also hosts few competitions like visual and audio competitions. There is also a competition for making a game that i have participated.


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