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Hi. That long waited map file is here.

Here comes finaly the map files of the custom earth shaped world.


Thank you, server is now terminated.

Thank you all for playing, We might had build the server with sugam, but you people are what made it a server.

Website and mumble will be working as usual.

Obsessioncraft closing down Sep 13 2015

Hello peeps one more time.

It is my sad duty to inform you that we will be closing down our minecraft server in 13 of september.
We have been running for about 3 and half years, what started from extreme passion towards this game.

New custom map on main server !

Hi sweetrolls.

Its been a while since we had any activity in the server aswell as any new content by me. Time to break that by unleashing the new map. It is using the same assets as our first custom world, but its shaped as earth this time. I also fixed the massive diamond veins down to normal size. This will most likely be our last map so make it awesome, mayby we will make some videos and take lots of pictures of them. We also have few new things happening on the server, such as fish nightmares and mcMMO.

Life in the woods modpack

Hello all fellow minecrafters.

As many of you have heard, i have been making a new map for vanilla minecraft. It has been a big project and its still going, but i tought you all need something new now, so i desided to setup a modded server up.

Since our server is little lighter on the power, i got a smaller modpack this time and it needs you to get tekkit

You can get tekkit from (it has annoying music in the background):

Website got hacked

Hello sweetrolls.

The website was down for almost 2 weeks now after i got notified that it was hacked.
I think i have cleared everything messed up, but if you still find something out of the ordinary please pop me a message.
I also did some clearing of fancy bling bling from the website that i tought was the reason in the first place so it might look bit bland again, but whats most important is that you can use it again. If your missing some feature that we had you can request to have it back and ill check if we can get it back.

Future is unclear

Hello peeps.

So today when i was about to check if the server was ready for 1.8 update i noticed that the whole bukkit had exploded few weeks ago. Shots fired left and right, dmca claims put down and people jumping out the project from doors and windows.

Owner changes

Hello my sweetrolls

   As those who are active player have noticed, we had some changes lately. As of 21 aug 2014 the server changed location from vancover canada to paris france.

This alone will make it better for european players and worse for americans network latency vice.


FTB Monster server Open NOW!

Hello my sweetrolls.

Your lack of new stuff hasnt been unnoticed. I have made something new you can play on and it is monster modpack on ftb launcher.

You will need to be on our main server atleast 2 hours before we can allow you to start building on the ftb server. (similar to our old ftb system).

You can check the inquisitor on this website to check how long you have been on it.


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