FTB Monster server Open NOW!

Welcome to ObsessionCraft Minecraft server website. To enter the website you need to register first. To see what kind of community we have, you can first join our minecraft server in the same address. Happy gaming!

Hello my sweetrolls.

Your lack of new stuff hasnt been unnoticed. I have made something new you can play on and it is monster modpack on ftb launcher.

You will need to be on our main server atleast 2 hours before we can allow you to start building on the ftb server. (similar to our old ftb system).

You can check the inquisitor on this website to check how long you have been on it.



Fair warning, it is one of the biggest modpacks and will take a while to load up. so be patient

Minium system requirements:

64-bit system

2gb or more ram


Just choose the monster modpack in the launcher and login.

server information: