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Hello boys and girls. You all know that i have been more off for the past 3 months. Most of you havent been around over year to know what i do every year as a hobby. Every year at august there is this big demo/lan party in finland that has about 3000 people with their home pcs playing games in a big arena together or alone. This event also hosts few competitions like visual and audio competitions. There is also a competition for making a game that i have participated.

Today is that date when all the competitors have been anounced and there was total of 22 witch only 16 got in and ours was one of them. This means that we are going to be fighting aggainst 15 others in the up coming week and the winner will be announced 3rd of august by voting. Sadly the voting is only for participants of the party so you can not help with that, but you get to try the game if you so want.

Here is little intro we have for it:

You are visiting Assembly 2013 summer party in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. There's a big problem: visitors have brought very bright lights and large speakers and are reluctant to turn those off. Your mission is to help help the organizers to get all those lights and audio switched off before a compo starts, so everybody can enjoy the demos without distractions. To improve your succes, Pizza Box and ASM Burger have open positions where you can work to get better weapons and money to buy ES. You can also help the security crew to wake up visitors sleeping in forbidden areas.

My part of making the game was 3d models, music, sound effects and loads of pictures, and my buddy did all the coding.

SO if you are interested to try the game here comes the link:

Also if you are interested to see what is aggainst us. here you can see the whole list