Feed the Sugam Open

Welcome to ObsessionCraft Minecraft server website. To enter the website you need to register first. To see what kind of community we have, you can first join our minecraft server in the same address. Happy gaming!


Here comes our newest addition Feed The Beast.

This will be more for our old players adventurers+ and Explorers who have played on our server atleast 10 hours.

The server has lots of stuff blocked to prevent griefing and cheating, but if you still manage to grief, you will get bans on ALL OF OUR SERVERS!!! and it will be 0 tolerance, so dont eaven joke with it.

NOTE: You first need to be approved by adventurer+ on the FTB server to get in. Othervice you'll get whitelist error.

Server info follows:

Ultimate mod pack


If you dont have Feed the beast get it from:


Check from if you meet the 10 hour requirement